Simplified Daily Essentials

A simplified guide to help optimize your day

1.One round of authentic physical effort. Strength, endurance, dance, yoga, play, the details don’t matter. Just move.

2.One Superb meal. Real food that nourishes the mind, body, and soul. Give thanks, eat slow, enjoy.

3.One period of flow and concentration. Full engagement in a task, work, or hobby. Sustained attention and concentration.

4.Contact with the natural world. Outdoor experience and exposure to sunlight and the weather. Contact with habitat, dirt, plants, animals.

5.One period of quiet refection. Meditation or contemplation. Observe, breath, relinquish attachment, relax mind and body.

6.Authentic social experience. Listen and invest in others. Enjoy their company face to face. Put away phones. Be present. 

7.Spark curiosity. Engage your sense of wonder. Ask deep questions about life and the universe. Learn something new.

8.Reflect on your purpose. What is your meaning, your gift, your purpose, your path?

9.Gratitude. Give thanks for your life, the people, the places that make it possible.

10.One great sleep. Eat and drink early. Taper cognitive activity. Put away electronics. Gaze at the night sky. Rest, recover, and value sleep.